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Posts from Naturaliste Charters

  • Killer Whale Season Starts in Spectacular Fashion!

    Posted by Naturaliste Charters

    The 2019 Killer Whale season has officially commenced for the Naturaliste Charters team! The endless hours of preparing, the weeks of build-up and the hype for the season had the whole crew in knots as we made our way out of the harbour today. As we ventured toward the canyon...

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  • Naturaliste Charters & Boutique Wildlife Tours join AWJ

    Posted by Australian Wildlife Journeys

    Australian Wildlife Journeys is pleased to announce that Naturaliste Charters from Western Australia’s southwest region and Boutique Wildlife Tours from the Southern Highlands, just south of Sydney, have joined the group. Since the collective launched in February 2017, the membership base has grown to 13 independently-owned wildlife operators across Australia....

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  • Australia's Great Humpback Whale Migration

    Posted by Kerry Lorimer

    Each January, around 60,000 Humpback Whales leave the frigid, food-rich waters of Antarctica and begin the world’s longest mammal migration, a 5,000 kilometre, three-month journey to the warm waters of northern Australia where they mate, calve and nurture their newborns.  Around 25,000 of them diverge around Tasmania and head up...

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  • Four Incredible Places to Spot Baby Whales around Australia

    Posted by Sarah Reid

    As whale watching Australia goes, it doesn’t get much better than observing a mother interacting with her calf, particularly Humpback Whales, which are known as the showmen (and women!) of the whale world. From humpies to orcas, here are four incredible places to spot baby whales around Australia before they’re...

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