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Is there minimum stay at Arkaba?

Yes - there is a two night minimum stay at the property.

In the event there is a solo traveller wishing to stay at Arkaba there is a minimum twin-adult rate applied per night. In the event there is one adult and one child travelling the minimum twin-adult rate is also applied. 

Is there a minimum age for guests?

Arkaba accepts children 8 years and above. With only five rooms, the best way to experience Arkaba as a family is with an exclusive use stay, either with another family or on your own. Under this option, the guides will run bush immersion programs for the family that include species identification, tracking wildlife, setting camera traps for feral species, radio tracking feral species, orienteering in the bush, astronomy, learning how to toast the perfect marshmallow over the camp fire.

Are there weight restrictions for private charter flights to Arkaba?

There is a general luggage weight restriction of 20kgs per passenger in soft bags to fit in the aircraft luggage compartments. This weight restriction is subject to the flight's overall payload restriction. Although all care is taken, Arkaba does not accept responsibility for any expense incurred by a passenger as a result of any delay, alteration or mechanical failure with a charter aircraft.

If you have booked some of your flights directly with the airline or with a travel agency, please be sure to advise us of any flight changes (timings, numbers etc) and please be sure to check that your final itinerary has the details correctly noted. Wild Bush Luxury and Arkaba will not be responsible for transfers, accommodation, tour planning or for any travel arrangements that are effected by flights not booked and ticketed by our office.