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Ridge-top Safari Drive

Duration: 4-5 hours (Arkaba Homestead Guests Only)

Type: Private Charter, Shared.

Interests: Birds, Land Invertebrates, Land Mammals & Marsupials, Reptiles & Amphibians.

The Ridge-top safari drive takes on one of Arkaba’ s most adventurous and thrilling 4WD routes using an open top safari vehicle. Starting off in Mirabella creek, there is high chance to spot some of Australia most famous upper canopy dwelling songsters like the Rufous Whistler and Grey-shrike Thrush.

Making your way out of the creek line the majestic River Red Gums here are usually packed with flocks of Galahs and Little Corellas. On the ascent you will be likely to see Common Wallaroos on the rocky out-crops. At the top, you will be at eye level with large Wedge-tailed eagles using thermal convection to sore high, scanning the country for prey. Across the ridges, it is also possible Western Grey Kangaroo, Nankeen Kestrels, Little Eagles, Whistling Kites, Australian Ravens, Magpies, Tawny Dragons and the Burton's Legless Lizards. 

Please note that this tour is only available to guests staying at Arkaba Homestead.


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  • Accommodation & Hospitality

    Accommodation is provided at the Arkaba Homestead, a five room 1850s heritage homestead and member of Luxury Lodges of Australia. With décor by wildlife artist, Rosie Woodford-Ganf - think bedheads fashioned from recycled fence posts and fleeces, curtains tied back by gumnut tassles, lights perched on explorers' tripod theodolites - the guestrooms retain a sense of history and place. Proudly without wifi, telephones, televisions, minibars or any of the typical features of a hotel to distract, the focus is on the experience and one of the most beautiful properties in Australia. All chef prepared meals, beverages (including premium South Australian wines and spirits) are included. Dining around an old wool classing table on the outdoor terrace with the ever-changing light and sounds of the bush all around is a special and uniquely Australian experience.

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