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Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo

Humpback Whale Swim and Watching

  • Available from: August 01 2018 - October 31 2018

Duration: Full Day - Ningaloo & Exmouth

Type: Groups, Shared.

Interests: Fish & Marine Invertebrates, Marine Mammals.

A staggering 30,000 west coast Humpback Whales migrate through the Exmouth and Ningaloo region and start to rest after their long migration from the Antarctic. Mothers will typically move their calves into the Gulf area at Exmouth over these months, to fatten them up for their lengthy return journey south.

The Department of Parks & Wildlife has recently given authority for Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo to provide guided swims with these amazing creatures under strict parameters and conditions. Visitors will venture out in small groups of five with a guide & videographer to record one of the most special intimate encounters of the ocean. Following this, guests will enjoy a snorkel on the reef to enjoy the amazing tropical fish, rays, turtles and corals.


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  • Humpback Whale Swim and Watching

    The Humpback Whale watching & swim cruise offers guests the incredible opportunity to swim with these wonderful creatures. The ‘swim with’ offering requires pre-booking with a quota of three groups of five passengers. If the circumstances are favourable, additional whale watchers on board may have the option to upgrade to the 'swim program’ as well. Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo has special permission to approach Humpback Whales to a distance of 50 metres with the boats, being half the distance of any other whale watching cruise in Australia.

    This provides a very special close-up view for non-swimmers to enjoy the whales as they display their playful antics as they relax in the warm tropical waters of Exmouth. Under the careful watch of the guides, swimmers will slide into the water and approach the Humpback Whale. There are strict distance guidelines and safety is paramount in these very special encounters.

    To be with such a gentle giant in a unique close encounter is an extraordinary lifetime experience, with a free video to savour these memories. Guests will also enjoy a snorkel on the reef to enjoy the amazing tropical fish, rays, turtles and corals.

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