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Goin' Off Safaris

Southern Eyre Peninsula Birdwatching

Duration: 3 days/2 nights

Type: Private Charter.

Interests: Birds.

Home to 270 species of birds and 1900 native plant species, this tour across the Southern Eyre Peninsula traverses coastal dune shrublands, mallee woodlands, sandflats, saltmarsh, subcoastal and clifftops. There are abundant opportunities to observe waders and seabirds including Little Pied and Black Cormorants, Grey and Chestnut Teal Ducks, Pink Eared Ducks, Musk Ducks, Osprey, Sooty & Pied Oyster Catchers, Black Winged Stilts, Caspian Terns and Common Greenshanks.

At Mikkara Station, wild koalas are abundant complemented by numerous bushbirds including the Port Lincoln Parrots, Golden Whistlers, Blue-breasted Fairy-wrens, Western Yellow Robins, White-browed Babblers, honeyeaters and Emus. Coastal walks provide spectacular backdrops to spot Rock Parrots, nesting Osprey and White Bellied Sea-Eagles and numerous raptors including Kites and Harriers. At Coffin Bay, visitors will search for the endangered Southern Emu-wren.


Tour day-by-day

  • Day 1:

    Guests will be collected from their accommodation to travel to Mikkara Station for a late afternoon Koala and Bird Walk. Mikkira is a privately owned working farm, Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary. In the cool of the evening Koala's start to wake from their afternoon sleep and move around to feed. Western Grey Kangaroos come out onto the flat to graze and an abundance of birdlife can be seen.

    The area is home to a range of bush birds including Port Lincoln Parrots, Golden Whistlers and an occasional Scarlet Robin, Blue-Breasted Wrens, Western Yellow Robins, White-Browed Babblers, honeyeaters, Black-faced Cuckoo Shrikes and Emus. Guests will then return to Port Lincoln.

  • Day 2:

    The first stop is Billy Lights Point, where a small fringe of coastal mallee and sheltered bays provide habitat for both waterbirds and bush birds. Pied, Little Pied and Black Cormorants, Grey Teal and Chestnut Teal Ducks, Osprey, White-Bellied Sea-Eagle, Sooty Oyster Catchers, Pied Oyster Catchers, Striated Pardalotes, Western Yellow Robins, Superb Blue Wrens, Blue-Breasted Wrens, White-Browed Babblers, New Holland Honeyeaters, Brown-Headed Honey Eaters and Rock Parrots can all be found on this walk.

    The next stop is at Big Swamp where a bird hide is available for viewing Black Swans, Grey Teal Ducks, Chestnut Teal Ducks, Pink Eared Ducks, Musk Ducks, Black Winged Stilts, Banded Plovers, Cape Barren Geese and migratory Common Greenshanks in summer. The tour then moves to the Coffin Bay National Park where there are active Osprey Nests and where White-Bellied Sea-eagles can be seen fishing along the cliffs and sandy white beaches.

    The area is also home to Caspian Terns, Hooded Plovers, Red Capped Plovers, Red Necked Stints, Golden Whistlers, Masked Lapwings, Emu, Wedge Tailed Eagle. The guide will stop along the way at a known location for Southern Emu-Wrens and look for a small remnant flock of Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo.

  • Day 3:

    Morning viewing is at the small coastal hamlet of Tulka where waders, Black Swans and numerous Seabirds can be seen from the bird hide. This is another known location for Southern Emu-Wrens near a well first dug by Captain Matthew Flinders when he explored the area in 1802.

    Traversing through to the Lincoln National Park, the tour follows Matthew Flinders journey through the Wilderness area of Memory Cove. Rugged cliffs provide an opportunity to view Osprey and White Bellied Sea-Eagles and to keep a look out for Whistling Kites and Swamp Harriers. In beautiful Memory Cove birds encountered include Purple-Gaped Honeyeaters, Striated Pardalotes, Spiney-Cheeked Honeyeaters, Dusky Woodswallows, Australian Pipits, Western Yellow Robins, Blue Breasted Wrens, and White-Browed Scrub Wren.

    After a magical three days of birdwatching across the Southern Eyre Peninsula, the tour returns to Port Lincoln in time for a late airport departure.

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