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  • Humpback Whale

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  • Humpback Whale

Oz Whale Watching

Get Wild in Sydney Harbour

Duration: Full Day

Type: Groups, Private Charter.

Interests: Birds, Fish & Marine Invertebrates, Land Mammals & Marsupials, Marine Mammals.

Embarking on a luxury cruiser, this nature packed adventure on Sydney’s doorstep will surprise and delight wildife lovers. Upon disembarking the boat on Sydney’s beautiful Northern beaches, guides will educate guests about the native wildlife and ecosystems on a walk through to Shelley Beach in Manly, where your undersea experience will commence.

A diverse range of marine wildlife inhabit the area, composed of sandy seabeds, rocky reefs, and protected bays perfect for snorkelling where you may encounter species such as Blue Groper, Gunthers and Dusky Butteflyfish, Black Rockcod, Wobbegongs, Cuttlefish, Potbelly Seahorses and the Weedy Sea Dragon. 


Tour day-by-day

  • Get Wild in Sydney Harbour

    After a magical cruise through the famous sights of Sydney, guests will disembark the boat on Sydney’s beautiful Northern beaches. Guides will search for native wildlife during a walk through to Shelley Beach in Manly, where this sandstone headland and sand spit provides habitat for birds such as New Holland honeyeaters, White-browed Scrubwrens, Rainbow Lorikeets, Little Wattlebirds with occasional sightings of Long-nosed Bandicoots and Echidnas.

    An undersea experience will commence on arrival with the opportunity to snorkel to spot some of the harbour's 600 fish species. Guests will then walk back to the awaiting cruiser for the return journey through the harbour, where the onboard crew will have a sumptuous BBQ meal ready.

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