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Premier Travel Tasmania

1 Day Birdwatching Mt Field National Park

Duration: Day Tour - Tasmania

Type: Private Charter.

Departs: Daily

Interests: Birds, Land Mammals & Marsupials.

Mount Field National Park is the oldest in Tasmania and one of the most diverse. Guests will have the opportunity to spot 11 out of the 12 Tasmanian endemic species including the Tasmanian Native Hen, Scrubtit, Yellow Wattlebird, Black Currawong and Tasmanian Thornbill across this park featuring amazing plant diversity; from lush Eucalyptus temperate rainforest to alpine moorland. These forests date back over 60 million years, when Australia was attached to Antarctica, Africa, South America and New Zealand as part of the Gondwana supercontinent.

Other highlights include the Pandani Grove walk around Lake Dobson, the three-tier Russell Falls and the vivid Autumn colours of Fagus tree, Australia's only cold climate, deciduous tree. Encounters with Tasmanian Pademelons, Bennett's Wallabies and Platypus are regular delights for visitors, with occasional sightings of the gorgeous Pink Robin.

About Premier Travel Tasmania: Premier Travel Tasmania has been offering refined encounters with nature across the ‘island state’ for over 20 years. The company’s promise to share the diverse flora & fauna, pristine wilderness, rich heritage, gourmet food & wine and local characters, inextricably connects guests to what is quintessentially Tasmania.  At the core of the company’s ethos is to preserve Tasmania’s endemic wildlife and their natural habitats, with major contributions provided towards saving the Tasmania Devil from habitat loss and disease.


Tour day-by-day

  • Day Tour:

    Travellers will be met by an expert local guide in Hobart, before venturing into Mount Field National Park, the oldest National Park in Tasmania. Guests will be mesmerised by the lush forest landscapes with expert interpretation provided along the rainforest walk to Russell Falls, Horseshoe Falls and the Tall Trees; an opportunity to see some of the largest and majestic trees in the world.

    This cool temperate rainforest allows guests the opportunity to search for almost all of the Tasmanian endemic bird species (11 out of 12) including the Scrubtit, Black Currawong, Black-headed & Strong-billed Honeyeater, Tasmanian Thornbill and Dusky Robin. After lunch you will have an opportunity to observe Platypus in the wild.

    Key Details

    Private Tour Pricing: Price Available on Request.
    Group Size: Maximum of 12 guests
    Pick-up and Drop Off Point: Hobart
    Pick-up and Drop-off Time: Customised depending on interests
    Inclusions: Full day private guided tour, transport in well-appointed vehicle, entry to Sanctuary, lunch and National Parks pass.

    Enquiries & Bookings

    The birdwatching tour is not available to be booked online. Please contact our friendly team via our enquiry form - there are some essential details to help us provide the best options for you including group size, interests and accommodation. We will be in touch via your preferred contact method.

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    Recent Testimonials

    "I spent four days in Tasmania with the world's best travel guide: Deb Read. She MADE my trip to Australia. The two of us spent many hours together and she was so easy to be with, both socially and intellectually, that I felt like I had a new best friend by the end. Her love of her work was obvious. Although she had taken people on my trips many times, she spent each night reviewing the history, the stories, and the recent updates for any site we visited. Her curiosity, love of learning and wanting to share her country far exceeded my expectations. I would go back to PTT again in a heartbeat." - 14spot, Boston

    "Our guide, John, was extremely well informed and a friendly and congenial companion. He took us to wonderful places and engaged in lively conversation about flora, fauna, and the state of the world. He was flexible to meet all our needs. All accommodations were excellent. The tour involved some energetic walking and hiking. The company delivered what was promised on its website and was easy to work with....we thoroughly enjoyed this trip and would have liked to spend even more time." - viajeracuandopueda, Oregon

    "Using Hobart as a base, my husband and I spent two wonderful days with Karin Beaumont, one of the best guides we encountered in our month long trip through Australia. Not only is she intelligent and knowledgeable about the history and culture of Australia, but she is a good listener and perceptive.....we hadn't planned on returning since Tasmania is a long ways away from North Carolina, but we've talking about it ever since. And if we do, we want a five day trip around Tasmania with Karin." - mid214, North Carolina

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