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Premier Travel Tasmania

6 Day Private Tour Tasmania’s Wilderness & Wildlife

Duration: 6 days/5 nights

Type: Private Charter.

Interests: Birds, Land Mammals & Marsupials, Marine Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians.

Covering over one million hectares, the Tasmanian wilderness constitutes one of the last expanses of temperate rainforest in the world, officially recognised through a number of UNESCO World Heritage Listed areas. This immersive wildlife adventure takes travellers across an extraordinarily diverse range of habitats including lush valleys, glacial lakes, spectacular rivers and ancient rainforests.

Kangaroos, wombats, quolls, Platypus, wombats and bird flourish here, but it is the island’s most famous resident, the Tasmanian Devil, that is a highlight for many. Superb private guides will enrich guest’s understanding of the island’s natural offerings, with their ability to track and identify a broad range of mammal, reptile, bird species and flora.


Tour day-by-day

  • Day 1: Launceston, Hawley Beach & Narawntapu

    Guests will be met by our local guide at midday in Launceston and start their Tasmania adventure with a scenic drive to the gorgeous seaside town of Hawley Beach. In the evening experience a wildlife spotlighting expedition in Narawntapu National Park, home to an abundance of species such as Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Common Wombats, Red-necked Wallabies, Tasmanian Pademelons, Eastern and Spotted-tailed Quolls. With a bit of luck and a lot of patience, the group may also be rewarded with a glimpse of the island’s most iconic resident, the Tasmanian Devil.

    Accommodation: Hawley House B&B, Loft Stable (or similar), Meals: Dinner

  • Day 2: Mountain Valley

    Today guests will discover their rustic accommodation hidden amongst the mountains, on a private nature reserve. The property is a registered ‘Land for wildlife’ and provides habitat to many native marsupials and an abundance of birds. The group will have the opportunity to visit the valleys’ cave and glow-worm grotto, visit Leven Cannon, or take a walk in the rainforest. Your guide will explain the local flora and fauna and search with you for foraging platypus at the nearby river. After dark enjoy wallabies and possums visiting your cabin veranda and possibly even a Tasmanian Devil - a truly unique and unforgettable wildlife experience. Accommodation: Mountain Valley Wilderness Cabin, Loongana, Meals: Breakfast /Dinner
  • Day 3: Cradle Mountain National Park

    After a relaxed morning the group will depart for the internationally acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Cradle Mountain Wilderness. Begin to unwind to the harmonic sounds found only in this true wilderness. Along the way you may see birdlife species such as Forest Ravens, Currawongs and Wedge-tailed Eagles. In late afternoon experience Devils@Cradle Wildlife Sanctuary to gain insights about the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial and witness a feeding of this unique species. Accommodation: Cradle Mountain Lodge, Cradle Mountain, Pencil Pine Cabin Meals: Breakfast/Dinner
  • Day 4: Cradle Mountain & Dove Lake

    Today guests will be mesmerised by the beautiful alpine landscapes of Cradle Mountain, where in many places, dolerite cracked into vertical columns has resulted in spectacular sculpted mountains and cliffs. Guides will provide interpretation along the amazing vistas. Magical forests of Pandani (the tallest heath plant in the world), Sassafras, King Billy Pines and the deciduous Beech can be seen adjacent to spectacular glacial lakes. Guests will commonly spot birds such as Forest Ravens, Black Currawongs and Wedge-tailed Eagles whilst Echidnas, Platypus, Spotted-tailed Quoll and the Eastern Quoll can also sometimes be seen. In late afternoon the group will visit Devils@Cradle Wildlife Sanctuary to gain insights about the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial and witness a feeding of this unique species.

    Accommodation: Cradle Mountain Lodge, Cradle Mountain, Pencil Pine Cabin Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  • Day 5: Tasmania's Central Highlands

    Upon leaving Cradle Mountain the group will venture into Tasmania’s Central Highlands also known as “The Heart of Tasmania”. In this rugged alpine wilderness guests will take in the barren but beautiful and unique landscape where the air is noticeably clear and the silence inspiring. On dusk guests will have the chance to observe wombats, quolls, Tasmanian Devils, wallabies and possums as they turn the highland plateau into a hub of activity.

    Accommodation: Thousand Lakes Lodge, Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

  • Day 6: Hobart

    After a relaxed morning taking in the alpine sunrise, guests travel south from the Highlands through Tasmania’s midlands. The group will continue the journey back to Hobart via the charming historic township of Richmond.

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