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Premier Travel Tasmania

Behind the Scenes with Researchers: Wombats

Duration: Half Day: Tasmania

Type: Groups, Private Charter.

Interests: Land Mammals & Marsupials.

Kim Rettig has served as a wildlife rescuer for many years and has recently taken a lead role in Wombat Rescue Tasmania, a body dedicated to treating mange (infectious parasite). Kim will offer insight into the efforts being made to eradicate mange from the Tasmanian population.

Guests will have the opportunity to spot wombats suffering from mange, log GPS coordinates, take photos and feed information back to the Wombat Rescue Tasmania who will use it in their conservation efforts. A portion of the tour cost will be donated to Wombat Rescue Tasmania.


Tour day-by-day

  • Full Day - Research & Conservation

    Kim Rettig has had always felt great compassion for wildlife. She has been a lead advocate for the well-being of Tasmania's native species, including long term involvement with rescuing animals that have sustained injuries on roadways.

    Through networking with other Tasmanians who rescue & care for Tasmania’s wildlife, she found herself on a path that led to a group of incredible community volunteers in the state's north, who were treating wombats suffering Sarcoptic Mange. The infectious parasite, Sarcoptes Scabeii, mite poses the largest threat to wombat survival, and sadly, localised extinctions have been observed in some populations across Tasmania.

    Fortunately, mange infected wombats can be treated in the wild & Kim and a handful of wonderful, dedicated volunteers are working tirelessly state-wide in an attempt to reduce their suffering and help them on the road to recovery.

    At the commencement of a multi-day tour across Tasmania, guests will spend time with Kim who will offer insight into the efforts being made to eradicate mange from the Tasmanian wombat population and ways in which the group can assist with this mission.

    After being trained on how to identify wombats suffering from mange, guests will assist with logging GPS coordinates, taking identification photos and recording key behavioural information. This information will be passed directly to Wombat Rescue Tasmania to assist with the research and conservation efforts. All Premier Travel Tasmania's guides are trained in treating mange and work closely with Wombat Rescue Tasmania to enable further treatment of effected wombats.

    Premier Travel Tasmania is proud to provide the opportunity for visitors to give something back to local wildlife and has committed a portion of the tour cost to Wombat Rescue Tasmania.

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