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Phillip Island

Phillip Island

Phillip Island is located southeast of Melbourne and is renowned for spectacular coastal scenery, abundant marine wildlife and important seabird colonies. Phillip Island is surrounded by very contrasting coastal and marine ecosystems; from tranquil mangrove-lined inlets to the wild surf of the Bass Strait, it boasts long stretches of sandy beaches, fascinating basalt and granite cliffs and caves, remote crystal blue bays and rugged rocky outcrops.

Abundant marine wildlife can be seen around Phillip Island including Common and Bottlenose Dolphins, the largest colony of Australian Fur Seals on the continent at Seal Rocks, Little Penguins, and three species of whales – Humpback, Southern Right and Orcas. Australian birdwatchers will be delighted to see the wide diversity of birds, including raptors, wader birds, and seabirds, with White-bellied Sea Eagles, Wedge-tailed Eagles, Australasian Gannets and Shy Albatross highlights.

This area is thought to support over 1% of the world’s population of Little Penguin (with up to 26,000 birds), up to 45,000 pairs of Short-tailed Shearwaters, Pacific Gulls and one the largest breeding colonies of Crested Terns in Victoria (2800 pairs).

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Featured operator

  • Featured operator

    Wildlife Coast Cruises

    Founded by John Dickie, Wildlife Coast Cruises has shown locals and visitors the spectacular wildlife and coastal scenery around Phillip Island, Seal Rocks, Westernport Bay and Wilsons Promontory for over 23 years. As a long-term ambassador in the eco-tourism space, Wildlife Coast Cruises boasts many environmental and tourism accreditations, and offer a range of up close and personal wildlife experiences.

    Some of the wildlife highlights include the largest Australian Fur Seal breeding colony, Whale & Dolphin watching, seabirds such as White-bellied Sea Eagles, Short-tailed Shearwaters and Shy Albatross.

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